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From the guide:  This is the first free-standing case in the second room, and it contains pysanky from the Carpathian Mountains.

Hutsul designs are often quite complex, and often written in numerous bands. A very common motif on these pysanky is “resheto,” the cross-hatched net-like design often yellow, that they use to fill in shapes (most other regions use solid color or stripes). Churches with onion domes are sometimes depicted. Traditional Hutsul pysanky are unique in their use of horse and deer motifs.

Can you point out resheto?

This set pysanky are ethnic Hutsul designs from a few of the non-Kosmach Hutsul areas of the Carpathians. The designs are less fussy/intricate and the colors bolder and more varied. Note the use of small amounts  of unusual colors like pink, purple, and blue.

The pysanky in this case were written by  Arnie Klein and me, Luba Petrusha.

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Case 7B: Hutsul Pysanky

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