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From the guide:  The pysanky below are from the Kyiv region, in northern central Ukraine.  They are a mixed group of brightly colored eggs with both geometric and plant motifs, and include quite a few with representations of the ancient gods (Zmiya and Berehynia). 

There are a few eggs to pay special attention to on side facing the back wall, on the bottom shelf. If you look in back to the far left, you’ll see a red and blue pysanka that looks striped.  It is not striped–that is a single line spiraling around the egg.  Also, on the side facing the costumes, on the bottom row, you’ll see two eggs, green and red (5th and 6th eggs, front).  These are not true pysanky, but dryapanky, created by dyeing an egg a dark, solid color and then scratching a design onto it.

Can you find examples of the berehynia and zmiya? Can you find a pysanka with a bird on it? Can you find the sorokoklyn pysanka, or examples of a ruzha (eight pointed star)?

The pysanky in this case were written by me, Luba Petrusha, and the two dryapanky are the work of Arnie Klein.


Case 8B: Pysanky of the Kyiv Region

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