Finishing Pysanky


You’ve written your pysanka, removed the wax, and have a gorgeous egg to admire.  But are you finished?  Well, not quite. You need to see if it needs any finishing touches, and then decide if you’re going to varnish and/or empty your egg. 

None of these processes is absolutely necessary, but the latter two are recommended if you wish to hang on to your pysanka for any significant length of time.  These last “pesky details” are examined on the following pages:


Touching Up

        Touching Up


        “Natural” Finishes

        About varnishes

        Varnishing your pysanka

        Drying Racks for your pysanka


        Emptying out your pysanka

        Making your own “turbo” Blas-Fix

        Rinsing out your pysanka

        Draining your pysanka


        Preservation methods


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Those Last Pesky Details