Merely emptying out the egg and white is not quite enough.  There is a third step to the emptying process, and that is rinsing out your shell. If you fail to do so, the remaining egg and yolk may slowly leak out later, leaving a (potentially) smelly mess.  Additionally, white or yolk remaining in the egg can attract a variety of vermin, including insects and mice. It’s best to finish the emptying process properly.

Rinsing out is a simple process, but requires a bit of special equipment. I use a 20 cc syringe to instill water into the egg,  Others have told me they use a Blas-Fix to do so.  Either way works.  Syringes can be purchased at medical supply stores.  You will need a needle or plastic tube (I use an 18 gauge intracath) to direct the water into the egg.

Injecting water into the egg  

I find it a bit easier to place my eggs in an egg carton, hole side up, and inject the water while they are stationery.  Injecting the water in will force displaced air out; it may also force out a bit of yolk or white.  Be prepared for this, and have a tissue handy to wipe up the goo.

Next you will need to shake up the egg, so the remaining egg contents will mix into the water.  Plug the hole with your thumb, and, holding the egg in one hand, shake.  Shake it well.

Shaking the egg up

Once the egg has been shaken up, I empty it out.  I use a Blas-Fix, but you can use any of the methods shown previously.  Empty over a bowl or other container (I use a rectangular Gladware container).  Once again, do not wear nice clothing, or consider an apron or other covering, when emptying eggs, as a blockage from the internal membrane can redirect the spray into unintended directions (i.e. onto you).

Pumping out the rinse

If the rinse fluid running out of the egg is nice and clear, you are done.  If it is cloudy, repeat the process (inject, shake, pump), and keep doing so until the water runs clear.

If you are using only a syringe, you would inject and shake as before, but then empty the eggs by suctioning out the rinse fluid with the syringe. As with the Blas-fix, inject water, shake, and empty until the rinse water runs clear.

RINSE SOLUTIONS:  Some people use vinegar solution, bicarbonate of soda, or betadine (iodine) in the rinse water.  They feel it cleans out the egg a bit better, and neutralizes odors.  They don’t use it in each rinse, but in a final (or next to final) rinse.  I don’t use any rinse solution except water, and have not had an issue with odors or vermin when I have properly drained the egg.  If the egg is well drained, and dries out nicely, this should not be an issue.

CAVEAT:  If you are using vinegar in your rinse solution, be very careful. Vinegar can – and will – dissolve eggshell, so it should not be left inside the egg for any length of time. Not only should the vinegar be instilled only briefly, but a final water rinse should be done.

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Rinsing Out the Egg