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On the pages that follow, there are photos of other people’s pysanka collections.  Some collections, like those of my mother or sister-in-law, consist largely of my pysanky.  Others don’t.

Look at and enjoy them all.  Click on underlined words and phrases to go to those pages.

Baba:  My mother has one of the largest collections of my pysanky.  She’s given my very old ones back to me (see them here), but still has a lot left, as she’s been collecting them for some forty years.  I’ve divided her pysanky into several groups for easier viewing.

Laurie:  I have been giving all the women in my family pysanky at Easter for many years.  On these pages is the collection of my sister-in-law Laurie, who’s been collecting them since 1997. She has a lot of them because she is also the guardian of the pysanky I’ve made for Kalyna, Nick, and Maria over the years.  The pages are not really themed or divided by date; I put the pysanky on two pages so they would load faster.

Mary and Maddy: Mary Baron is an old friend of mine from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  She and I have been making pysanky together over the years. She is quite good, and now her daughter, Maddy, is taking up her mantle.  The pysanky pictured are those that have survived over the  years.

Other friends: I am adding galleries of pysanky of other North American friends of mine.   Some are collectors; others are pysankary. Lots of pretty eggs to look at.

                Georgia:  Stephanie Astalos-Jones

                Wisconsin:  Mrs. Berez

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