The pysanky on this page were made by Jacob, Olivia and Natalie Rollinger, along with their mom Marilyn and grandmother Toni.  They made more pysanky than the other two groups combined; this was partly because they outnumbered everyone else, but also because the Rollinger kids have mastered the art of the scribble egg.

Jacob and his sisters made a large dent in the 3+ dozen pysanky we created by making abstract eggs consisting mostly of scribbled lines in multiple layers/colors.  They turned out quite nice.  I’ve often encouraged my younger pysanka students to make their first pysanky by putting lots of dots and scribbles on them – it helps them understand wax resist, and more color makes a prettier egg than one with sparse design, even if neatly drawn.

You may note, if you look quite closely at these eggs, that a good number of them have cracks.  I’m not sure why there were so many – some were dropped, others dyed a bit too violently.  But I was able to hone my skills as a pysanka trauma specialist and rescue most of them.  Detailed instructions here.

I’ve identified the makers of as many eggs as I could, but a good number were unsigned. Jacob, in particular, seems to relish anonymity. Pay special attention to Toni’s eggs, keeping in mind that these were her very first efforts.  They turned out quite nice, proving that sometimes it’s not the medium, it’s the innate talent of the artist.


Kids’ Pysanky 2006


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