Beaded Pysanky


Although modern versions of the beaded pysanka can now be found throughout Ukraine, they are are an indigenous folk art form only in Bukovyna, north (Ukrainian) and south (Romanian).  These eggs were once made only in convents by nuns, and are one of the Romanian influences on Bukovynian folk culture.

Although beaded pysanky are made today in many different ways, including, glueing, weaving and sewing the beads, they were originally made in a much different manner.  An egg–wooden or real–would be covered with a coating of beeswax, and the beads pressed, one at a time, into the wax-coated surface.  This was intricate, painstaking work, but the results could be magnificent.

The eggs below are all originally from southern Bukovyna (now in Romania), except where noted.

Small Beaded Jewels

  Malyovanky        Pysanky

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