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In this section are (or will soon be) photographs of pysanka collections in Ukraine.  Some are the works of my goddaughter, Daryna, and others are professional or traditional pysanky collected or created by friends of mine.

Look at and enjoy them all.  Click on underlined words and phrases to go to those pages.

Daryna:  Daryna is my goddaughter in Lviv, and a tai kwan do champ and talented artist to boot. She comes from a family of artists, and creates in many media. I have few examples of her work, but did manage to photograph her pysanky at both grand[parents’ houses, and those her mother still possesses.  Daryna is like me–she loves to give her work away.  I’ve learned to photograph mine first, but she hasn’t, yet.  On this page you’ll find photos of a few her pysanky, traditional and otherwise.

Maryna: Maryna Krysa is a friend of mine in Kyiv.  She does not make pysanky, but collects a bit. These are a set of pysanky I came across in her office.

Ivan Balan: Ivan is an artist from the Bukovynian city of Chernivtsi.  He is a painter and printmaker, but has spent many decades collecting traditional Ukrainian handcrafts, including more than 700 decorated eggs (pysanky, malyovanky, beaded eggs, etc.).  He has allowed me photograph his collection in order to preserve the designs for future generations.

Natalia SokilPani Natalia is the grandmother of a friend of mine, and lives in Chervonohrad, Ukraine.  She learned to write pysanka several years ago at a master-class in town, and fell in love with the art.  She showed me her pysanky when I visited in 2010, and gave me several as gifts.

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