Goose Egg Pysanky


In the pre-modern era, pysanky came in many shapes and sizes, as eggs from many different domestic (and wild) birds were utilized.  Historical records show that pysanky were written on goose, duck, chicken, crane and swan eggs, among others.  In more recent years, pysanky have been written almost entirely on the eggs of domesticated fowl, and most of those on chicken eggs. 

Most of the pysanky shown in books of traditional designs are for chicken egg pysanky, so finding appropriate designs for the often much larger goose eggs can be a challenge.  Books of diasporan pysanka designs will sometimes have goose egg patterns (e.g. the UGS books), as will books of Ukrainian art eggs (e.g. Horodetsky, Zahayska).  Photos of art eggs («авторська робота») can also often be found on line (e.g. Pushkaryov). 

Some modern pysankarky simply write chicken egg designs on goose eggs, making the design elements bigger to compensate, which has always seemed a bit of a waste of a goose egg to me.  Others adapt chicken egg designs, making them more complex by adding new elements, such as additional bands. And yet others simply create new, non-traditional designs.

The pysanky in this section, with several noted exceptions, are those I have written. I am including some goose eggs written by friends and by pysankarky in Ukraine in order to consolidate them all in one place. 

I am also including some basics of working with goose eggs, and a few step-by-step sets of instructions for writing goose egg pysanky.  Click on links in the toolbar above to go to the appropriate sections. Enjoy!

(Illustration above: antique portrayal of Mother Goose)


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