Goose Eggs


These two goose egg pysanky have designs based on traditional Ukrainian folk pysanky and adapted to goose eggs.  The adaptation was done by my friend, Sofika Zielyk; I viewed some of her goose egg pysanky when they were on display in Kyiv, at the embassy, in 2015, and liked these two particularly.

The first is based on a bezkonechnyk design from Poltava; Sofika has tamed and regularized the many twists and turns present in the original. This was the original design, as captured by Elyjiw and next to it is my version:


I wrote a large number of these pysanky as gifts (goose and chicken egg).  The photo at the top of this page is of this collection of eggs.  It is interesting how much the colors varied from one egg to another, even when the same dyes were used.

The second goose egg pysanka on this page is based on a particularly detailed Hutsul pysanka; Sofika has expanded the intricacy.  This is the original chicken egg–Sofika uses it as her avatar on Facebook.


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