Пряшівські Писанки

Pysanky from Priashiv


In the albums below are examples of pysanky made in Priashiv. Pysanky from this area are most often made using the drop-pull technique, although linear batik was utilized as well The motifs are usually simple geometric ones, although animals (e.g. swallows) and people are often portrayed as well.

The Priashiv region is that part of the ethnic Lemko homeland that lies in Slovakia, and is named after the city of Priashiv (Пряшів/Presov).  There is a thriving Lemko community there even now, and an active community of pysankary.  Markovych wrote a book about the pysanky of this region. 

The pysanky of this region are made with both linear and drop-pull type wax resist, and frequently employ multiple colors, especially among more modern work.  In recent years the switch has been made to chemical dyes, and the color schemes can get quite complex and gaudy, as is seen in newer version of the Markovych book . These pysanky would traditionally have been made with the very whitest eggs, chosen from among those which had been set aside during Lent. I have substituted brown eggs in some of the patterns, just to experiment a bit. 

In the albums below are some traditional pysanky from this region.

  Priashiv        Binyashevsky

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