On this page are pysanky from Binyashevsky’s collection that are small in number and from regions not previously mentioned. The first two pysanky are from the Priashiv region, which is now in Slovakia; the pysanky pictured actually look Czech (Slovacko area) rather than Ukrainian/Lemko.  The next two are from Pidliashia, which lies to the west of Volyn; the area is now a part of Poland.  The last pysanka is from “Halychyna,” in Rohatyn raion of Ivano Frankvisk oblast; this area is ethnographically Opillia.

The names of the pysanky are those given to them by Binyashevsky, not necessarily the “folk names” given by pysankary.  Many are simple descriptors, and he tends to use “zirky” (stars) rather than “ruzhi” (mallows), despite the latter being the more common folk designation.  This is true of other names, too, particularly “metelyky” (butterflies) – he keeps labeling trylysts this way, unlike any of his ethnographer predecessors.

The numbers assigned to the pysanky are based on the photo originals that I obtained, and are for my cataloging purposes only. 


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