This section includes information about DVDs, videocassettes, and other multimedia approaches to the pysanka and pysankarstvo.

  1. 1.Білоус, Світлана.  Всесвіт у Моїх Долонах (The Universe in the Palms of My Hands)  Kyiv: Studio Aratta, 2007

  2. 2.Borysenko, Svitlana.  PYSANKA: Ukrainian Easter Egg (How to Paint Wooden Eggs)  Toronto: Bravo Pysanka, 2009

  3. 3.Nowytsky, Slavko.  PYSANKA: The Ukrainian Easter Egg  Slavko Nowytski, 1976

  4. 4.Perchyshyn, Luba.  How to Decorate Beautiful Ukrainian Easter Eggs (Pysanky) with Luba  Roseville, MN: Ukrainian Gift Shop, 2005

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