Fruits, my collection notwithstanding, are supposed to be a fairly common motif on pysanky.  I suppose that they must not usually be the main motif, as I haven’t noticed them very often.

A traditional pysanka with an apple or plum motif was thought to bring knowledge and health. The cherry, a symbol of feminine beauty, was supposed to bring happiness and love.                                                                                        

Other berries are sometimes seen.  Currants and gooseberries are common; occasionally the kalyna (viburnum, guelder rose), Ukraine’s national flower and berry, is shown.  I tend to have more kalyna pysanky than average, as I have a niece by that name and try to make them for her. IN modern day Podillia, strawberry motifs have become quite popular.

Grapes are the most commonly seen of all the fruits on pysanky.  In the past they were just another berry, and stood, like most, for a good harvest. Under Christianity the grape/wine became a powerful symbol of the blood of Christ. It is said to represent the Holy Communion.


Fruits and Berries

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