A vinok, or garland of flowers, was part of the costume of many young Ukrainian women.  They would plait together wildflowers, and tie the garland into a ring.  This would be worn on the head, often with ribbons attached, as part of the national costume.

Similar garlands were  plaited for the holiday of Ivana Kupala (or Midsummer Night), and ancient pagan holiday.  In evening, there would be singing and bonfires, and the garlands would be placed in a river or stream, with candles on top.  Young men would wait downstream, hoping to catch the vinok of the girls they liked.

Garlands are not very commonly the main motif on traditional pysanky, although there are often seen on diasporan ones.  Usually a vinok is secondary element, either a vertical or horizontal dividing band.

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A Garland of Flowers

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