The most common designs found on pysanky are those associated with plants and their parts (flowers and fruit). In the past, the women who wrote pysanky–pysankarky–drew their inspiration from the world of nature, depicting flowers, trees, fruits, leaves and whole plants in a highly stylized fashion.

Such ornaments symbolized the rebirth of nature after winter, and thus life, growth, strength and renewal.  Magical thinking was also a consideration, and  thus pysanky with appropriate plant motifs (wheat, grapes) were written to help guarantee a good harvest.

                Vazon Motifs

                Tree and Leaf motifs

                Pussy Willow motifs

                Wheat motifs

                Vegetable motifs

                Fruit motifs

                Simple Flower motifs

                Fancy Flower motifs

                Sunflower motifs

                Poppy motifs

                Floral variations

                Vinok motifs 

                Sokal floral motifs             

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Motifs from the Plant Kingdom