Natural Dyes


Below is a table I have complied of potential pysanka dyestuffs, complied from several sources, including Ukrainian, British and North American texts:


Note: logwood produces violet and black shades when used for dyeing cloth and fibers, depending on the mordant used.  When used for making pysanky, an acid environment is used, and red tones predominate.  An alkaline environment would produce bluer tones.


The starred (*) dyes are not botanical, but animal in origin. Cochineal can be made from European (Polish cochineal), Asian (kermes) and South American insects, with the former being the one found in Ukraine. Deer horn is, I can only assume, antler material from deer.

Sources:  Dye suggestions have been taken from Rhonda M. Hart’s “Easter Eggs by the Dozens!,”  Eggs Beautiful!, Ukrainian Arts, The Ukrainian Folk Pysanka, and other sources.

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Natural Dyestuffs