Making pysanky with cockatiel eggs was my first attempt at making pysanky on such small (less than 1" long) eggs. A friend of mine, Pam Espinoza, saved her bird’s eggs for me.  The shell is different from a hen’s egg, glossier, and the dyes sometimes do not take as vividly.  The result is generally a much more muted pysanka.  The eggs are also much more fragile, breaking very easily, and making wax removal a bit problematic.

The photograph above illustrates, quite vividly, the difference in size between a cockatiel egg and a regular hen’s egg.

In the pysanky below, I've used traditional patterns, but in miniature.  I’ve since made more pysanky with small eggs; you can see some of them here, on my UP 2007 page.


Cockatiel Eggs

Pysanky in Miniature

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