Chernihiv lies in the far northeast of Ukraine, in western Polissya. Flower motifs are quite common in the this region, both of the “lateral ruzha” type, and more numerous smaller ones as well. Flower plants, or “vazon” motifs, occur as well. The patterns usually display symmetry, unlike those from Sokal. The color palette is usually limited to yellow, green, red and black.

The sunflower (sonyashnyk, соняшник) is a transitional form between a vazon (tree of life) and a berehynia.  The leaves are a bit analogous to the wings in the “kucheri with wings” type of pysanka shown on the previous page.

This pysanka is less symmetric than most, although it does seem to have a simple lateral division. (Onyshchuk only give one view, so it is hard to say.)

Technical details: This is a nice simple pattern for beginners, although it does require a lot of waxing in. It is free-form, so errors don’t matter as much. Use a medium to heavy stylus for outlines, heavy to extra heavy for waxing in.

The design utilizes four dyes: yellow, green, red and black.  The green can either be applied as a spot dye (although much coverage is needed), or the egg can be dyed green and then an orange rinse used prior to dyeing it red.

This is a simple lateral division; the design on the back should mirror the one on front.

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