Pidliashia is another of Ukraine’s lost regions. Also known as Podlachia (Ukrainian: Підляшшя; Polish: Podlasie).  A historical-geographical region along the middle stretch of the Buh River between the Kholm region in the south and the Narva River (the Belarus border) in the north and between Mazovia in the west and Volyn and Polissia in the east.

Pidliashia was a part of Kyivan Rus, and its history was closely linked with that of the adjacent Kholm region.  After the WWII Pidliashia was given to Poland and was divided among Lublin, Warsaw, and Białystok voivodeships. Most ethnic Ukrainians were resettled in the Soviet Union or in the newly acquired lands in western or northern Poland (Operation Wisła).

The pysanka above can be found in Binyashevsky’s book, where it has this appearance:

Binyashevsky called this pysanka «Панни» (Young Ladies). The motifs are kucheri, curls, and zmiya (serpent) symbols.

Technical details: This is a fairly straightforward pysanka, as it has lots of straight lines and only a few curves.  It has a basic “Eight” division.

As with most basic traditional designs, a medium is best for the lines.

This pattern utilizes yellow and green dyes. A darker green than the one used in the photo above would have been more accurate.   

While this is not an incredibly complex or intricate pattern, it’s not a good one for absolute beginners, unless they have a high frustration threshold and steady hand.  The curves arms can be challenging, and the fringe is quite time consuming. Also, too, green as a final color does not always take well; be prepared to switch to black if the background looks mottled or scratchy.

A medium stylus should be used; a fine makes the pattern too insubstantial looking.

Download this pattern sheet:



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Young Ladies – Curls

Панни – кучері