These two pysanky are taken from Elyjiw’s set of Plast pysanka stamps, and are from western (Volynian) Polissia. The one on the left is called «Сосонка» (“Sosonka,” spurge), and the one on the right is called «Баранячі роги» (“Baraniachi pohy,” ram’s horns).


These pysanky are also included in Binyashevsky’s book. Both motifs are common ones in Ukrainian pysankarstvo.

Technical details: These are two relatively simple pysanky, reasonable patterns for beginners. The first pysanka has a basic “Eight” division, while the second pysanka uses a “Triangles” division. The fringe in the first pysanka can be a bit challenging for a beginner, as can all the curls in the second.  There is not much coloring in, though.

As with most simple traditional designs, a medium or heavy stylus is best for the lines, and of course a heavy one for the dots and waxing in the teardrop shapes in the ram’s horn design.

These patterns utilize only red and black dyes. For the red, I prefer a deeper color, as opposed to a bright scarlet, although the latter is probably more traditional.

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Two Pysanky

Дві писанки