Top and Bottom


Any longitudinal lines will pass through these points of the egg, so it is important to locate them accurately. Failing to do so will mean that your egg will be divided unevenly and may look ungainly or lopsided.

I locate the top and bottom of an egg by rubbing the egg across a piece of newspaper.  The lowest point will pick up the newspaper ink and form a dark spot.  Turn the egg over and repeat.


If you have a local paper that has gone and joined the 20th century and uses modern, non-smearing newspaper ink, this may not work.  You can also use a small piece of paper with pencil lines or scribbles on it in a similar fashion.

Once you’ve marked the top and bottom, you can proceed to divide up the surface of your egg, either freehand, or using a craft lathe.

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Locating the top and bottom points of an egg