Simple Divisions


To make the various types of simple divisions in pencil, you might try the following strategies.  More detailed instructions for all the divisions can be found in this section, parts of which are still under construction.

Longitudinal divisions:  I find the top and bottom points as noted previously, and then draw a line around the egg connecting them, either freehand or using a lathe.  I place a template – 1 inch diameter or so – on the top of the egg, and mark off the divisions (4, 6, 8, etc.) that I need.  I then use the lathe to help me draw the lines around the egg evenly, although this can easily be done freehand as well.

If you are not using a lathe, it helps to place additional markings on the bottom of the egg and near the middle, and then connect them together to draw your dividing lines.

Longitudinal division (4 sections)

Circumferential divisions: To create these divisions, I first use a measuring tape, placed along a longitudinal line to divide the length of the egg into halves, quarters, etc. I then use the craft lathe to draw the circumferential lines. (Well, sometimes I just eyeball it, but I would strongly recommend the measuring tape if you want even divisions.)

Circumferential lines are the hardest to draw freehand, and often don’t meet up properly.  If you don’t have a lathe, I would suggest measuring along several longitudinal lines and placing markings. You’ll have shorter lines to draw, connecting the segments into a circumferential line.

Some people use wide rubber bands to draw these lines, but I haven’t had much experience with them. The rubbers bands are placed around the egg; once they are in the right position, a line is traced along the edge.  Wide rubber bands (like those found on bunches of broccoli) are used because they stay put better and stay straighter.

“Barrel” style division

Circles:  I use the UGS templates to draw any circles that I need. The templates range is size from 1/2 inch in diameter on up. The templates also allow me divide the circles into 2, 3 4, 6 or 8 sections.  I find them particularly useful when making snowflake pysanky, as I use nesting circles to help me draw my designs.

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Drawing the Simple Divisions in Pencil