Gather Supplies


Make sure you’ve gathered everything you will need before you begin working. Even if you’ve purchased a pysanka kit, you will still need a few additional items.  Most kits contain wax, styluses, aniline dyes and a few design sheets.

The list below is of absolutely basic items you will need. You can read more about these and other pysanka supplies here.

    (1)   Clean, raw (or emptied) eggs at room temperature.

    (2)   Prepared dyes, also at room temperature.

    (3)   Spoons. 

    (4)   Vinegar.

    (5)   Beeswax.

    (6)   Stylus(es).

    (7)   Candle and holder.

    (8)   Matches or a lighter.

    (9)   Pencil. 

    (10) Paper products (towels, newspaper).

Lastly, you will need a warm, well lit and comfortable work space, along with enthusiasm and creativity.

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Gather Your Supplies