Pumpkin Eggs:

Cleaning Up the Pencil Lines


Once you’ve finished waxing in all the white lines, you’ll have an egg that looks something like this:


Before proceeding any further with waxing or dyeing, it is imperative that you clean the egg, to remove the remaining pencil lines  Since the final color will be relatively light (orange), you want to get rid of these lines, as they will show up later.  Removing the wax will not necessarily remove the remaining pencil lines, as can be seen in these 2005 eggs:


I remove these lines by wiping the entire egg down with a Goof-Off wipe, which I have found to be the simplest and best way to remove pencil lines; although I have a large stash of these wipes, they are no longer being sold.  I am told that you can get similar result using a bit of Ivory liquid and gently washing the egg, and that water alone will sometimes do the trick, but I don’t have much experience with either method.

A quick wipe with the cloth gives me an egg that looks like this:

Once the egg is nice and clean, like this one, it’s time to dye it a nice, bright yellow and proceed to the next steps.

  White (Wax)        Yellow (Wax)

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