Pumpkin Eggs


In 2005, just before Halloween, I got the idea to create miniature jack-o-lanterns from small chicken eggs.  Using pysanka techniques, I  made several dozen of these tiny, festive pumpkins. After surfing the web, I found that I wasn’t the first to have done this; Martha Stewart has featured them in her magazine, and others have posted them on their web sites.  But they are all done a bit differently, and the ones on these pages are my version.

Although Halloween is about goblins, ghosts and scary things that go bump in the night, it seems that most of my pumpkin eggs are happy, rather than scary or scared.  They say that it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown; it’s also easier to draw a smile than a frown, I have discovered.......

On the following pages you will find step by step instructions for making pumpkin eggs, a few photos of pumpkin eggs I have made. 

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Miniature Jack-o-Lanterns