Creating pysanky can be as simple or as complex as you wish to make it. All you really need is an egg, a candle, a stylus, beeswax and dyes.

As you become more proficient, and learn tricks of the trade, you may wish to add other tools to your armamentarium.

In the sections and pages that follow I’ve provided an in-depth discussion of the tools of the trade and various supplies helpful to the writing of pysanky.  The annotated outline on the next page will help you navigate around the site. 

Three pages in this section will give you a quick discussion of basic pysanka supplies, the ones in the checklist below:

Basic Supplies

  1. Bullet    Eggs

  2. Bullet    Dyes

  3. Bullet    Spoons

  4. Bullet    Vinegar

  5. Bullet    Beeswax

  6. Bullet    Stylus

  7. Bullet    Candle

  8. Bullet    Candle holder

  9. Bullet    Matches/lighter

  10. Bullet    Pencil   

  11. Bullet    Paper Products      

Additional Supplies

  1. Bullet    Q-tips

  2. Bullet    Craft lathe

  3. Bullet    Templates

  4. Bullet    Cotton gloves

  5. Bullet    Goof-Off Wipes

  6. Bullet    Stylus holder

  7. Bullet    Oil lamp   

  8. Bullet    Cleaning solution

  9. Bullet    Varnish

  10. Bullet    Vinyl gloves

  11. Bullet    Drying Rack

  12. Bullet    Egg Blower

Specialty Drop-Pull Items

  1. Bullet    Drop-pull styluses

  2. Bullet    Drop-pull apparatus

  3. Bullet    Glue pot     

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What you need to make pysanky