Traditional Folk Pysanky


The downloads below are of photos of pysanky written by pysankarky in Ukraine.  The designs are traditional Ukrainian folk designs for the most part.  These are pysanky we purchased in 2018 for the UCARE pysanka sale.

Feel free to use them as screensavers or computer wallpaper, or for whatever other personal, non-commercial purpose you may have.  Please do not publish them elsewhere without my permission (see e-mail link below), or use them for any commercial purposes.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Click on any of the thumbnails below to view a larger version of each file.  To download photos to your computer, right-click (Windows) or control-click (Mac) on a thumbnail below, and choose the “download/save“ option from the contextual menu.  (Note: you can also right-click on a Mac mouse if you have that function enabled in your Mouse Preferences.)

Lemko Pysanky by Maria Yanko

Folk Pysanky by Vira Manko and others

Hutsul Pysanky


Folk Pysanky from Ukraine

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