Snowflake Pysanky



Here are the photos of the snowflake pysanky I created in the fall of 2009. There were four types: the usual small egg snowflakes, multicolored snowflakes on large white eggs, goose egg snowflakes, and brown egg snowflakes.

The small egg snowflakes are my old favorites, white snowflakes on a colored background.  I tried out a bunch of new dyes this year, and was particularly struck by two: the Pysanka Showcase burgundy (which gives a purply magenta shade) and apple green.  I’ve made a lot of the snowflakes with this background color.  Additionally, I’ve made quite a few with my Ukrainian red blend (UGS scarlet and red mixed together).

The pysanky I created on large white eggs use a variety of background colors, and a series of dyes incorporating pastels.  They are more intricate than the usual snowflakes, and fun to create.  They are all the same design, with variations in color only.

The brown egg snowflakes are snowflakes only in that they are complex designs that have a six-way symmetry.  The designs are written on the brown shell, and then a rich red color is used to fill in some areas.  All have a black background.

New this year were the goose eggs, which have their own page.  They were created as Christmas gifts for my Mom and Laurie (and one for myself, of course).  I used large goose eggs, and created a flurry of snowflakes, in three or four sizes, on each shell.  They are simple two color (white plus background) eggs, but incredibly intricate at the same time.

(Note: the pysanky in these photos do not have findings attached because the photos were taken before I had a chance to glue them on.  And it’s so much easier to photograph them in this manner......less difficulty balancing them.)


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