Pysanky are beautiful, and so, naturally, people want to show them off. How should one display them?  There are many ways, but remember to keep them out of direct sunlight, or they will fade.

Traditionally, pysanky were talismanic objects, not objects of art.  They were usually kept in a bowl in the pokuttia, the corner of the house where the icons were kept. Some were placed in the barn, in the fields, in the beehives to ensure fertility. 

Pysankarky have taken to displaying their pysanky in frames, on wall, in recent years.  Often the pysanky are strung on a string, and then arranged in crosses, starbursts, spirals.   In museums they can be displayed in frames, or on individual stands, grouped in glass cabinets.

How do most people display their pysanky at home?  There are a variety of possibilities! Placed in bowls, baskets, plates, egg cups, shot glasses, egg stands, transparent vases or hurricane lamps, and shadow boxes are just a few examples. Pysanky can also be hung, with simple yarn or fancy findings.

You can see examples of all these methods of display on the following pages:


                Bowls and Baskets

                Plates, Glassware, Egg Cups




                Wall Cases

  Empty Eggs        Artistic


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