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EggCessories electric styluses were produced for many years by Mike and Gloria Oliynyk of British Columbia (along with non-electric styluses, dyes, wax and other products).  They retired a few years ago, prompting some of us to stock up on their supplies.  Luckily, Kathy Schoenfelder-Verrelli of Toronto has taken over.

The EggCessories electrics are an important part of my collection of styluses.  They have slim handles, and stainless steel parts, including the writing tips.  Stainless steel does not wear away as easily as brass, so the tips do not become uneven.  Also, steel does not conduct heat as well as brass, so the lines are thinner. The fine tips writes like an extra fine, and the medium like a fine.  The heavy tip is actually quite heavy; this creates a large gap between medium and heavy.

There is also an extra-fine tip, which does provide quite thin lines.  I rarely use it, except to write numbers on the bottom of my traditional pysanky (so I know their provenance) or to make very fine fringe on my snowflakes.

One problem with these styluses is that the rubber cover on the handle cracks over time, and fills up with hot wax while you’re working.  I have used silk tape to reapproximate the rubber, but it doesn’t work well.  Kathy has suggested duct tape, which I will try.  The covers are not replaceable, because the tips are not removable (not without destroying them). Kathy is looking for a solution, but these styluses are so good that I keep using them, leaky rubber and all....

Photos: old model of EggCessories medium stylus on top; newer models (extra-fine, fine and medium) below.  The heavy has a blue rubber gasket)

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