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Larry Hagedorn used to make a series of electric styluses; he has retired, and sold the rights to UGS, who used his design for the basis of their line of “Luba’s Electric Kistkas.” His electrics had two innovations that made them popular:

  1. 1. the cork handle insulated well, unlike the plastic handles of his competitors. Having to stop work because of burning digits was not an issue.

  2. 2. the “nutcracker” tool he provided to pop the writing tips in and out of the head. This allowed pysankarky to quickly and easily change their writing tips.

The brass tips also heated up quickly, and allowed the wax to flow smoothly.

I enjoy writing with these because they provide heavier lines for any given tip width, which is a plus when writing traditional designs. A definite minus is that brass is a soft metal, and the tips wear down over time, often at an angle--if you remove and replace them, you have to carefully position the tip.

I still use my Larry’s electrics, and have bought a few used ones to have as spares.

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