The tripod, known in Ukrainian as the «триніг» (trynih, three-legs) has many different manifestations in pysanka symbolism, and many different meanings. It can assume the meanings of the various trinities, much like the triangle:    


But, when drawn in the forms below, it is also one of the earliest and simplest representations of the sun; the tree legs of the tripod are three rays of light emanating from the sun.

These are examples of folk pysanky with a tripod/trynih motif




The pysanky below are from Binyashevsky. This first one is a simple linear tripod, albeit with “shaky” lines.  It is from Central Halychyna, and Binyashevsky calls it “24 wedges.”

The pysanka on the left is called “Krutorohy (Крутороги),” or curved horns, and is from Western Podillia. The one in the center is from Eastern Polissia and is called “Pavuky (Павуки)” or “Spiders.”



Three legs good

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