Zoomorphic Motifs

Тваринні Мотиви


Animal Symbols

Although animal motifs are not as popular as plant motifs, they are nevertheless found on pysanky, especially those of the people of the Carpathian Mountains. Animal motifs are of two types: those tied to Ukraine's ancient religious beliefs, and those tied to agriculture. The first have a variety of meanings; the latter are generally tied to wishes for fecundity.

Animals are often depicted, whole but abstracted, on pysanky: deer, horses, birds and fish are the most common.  More often, though, it is not entire creatures, but their parts, that are used as motifs: chicken legs, crow’s feet, bear paws, rabbit ears, ducks’ necks, wolves' teeth. 

Belo are links to pages with examples and explanation of the various animal motifs and symbols found on pysanky.

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