Ukrainian Customs, Folk Traditions and Mythology:

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Books included in this section are those  which explore early Ukrainian mythology (pagan), and Ukrainian folk tradition and its pre-christian roots.  Included are small booklets about traditional approaches to the celebration of folk and christian holidays. Most will be in Ukrainian.

  1. 1.Андрусяк, Михайло.  Христос Воскрес! (Christ is Risen)  «Вік»: Коломия, 1996

  2. 2.Воропай, Олекса.   Звичаї Нашого Народу (Folk Customs of Our People)  Київ: «Оберіг»,  1993

  3. 3.Kelly, Mary B.  The Goddess Embroideries of Eastern Europe  McLean, NY: Studiobooks, 1996

  4. 4.Круковська, Володимира.  Святкуймо Великдень (Let Us Celebrate Easter)    Львів: 

            «ЄвроCвіт»  2001

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