Ukrainian Language

Українська Мова


In this section I have tried to describe the basics of Ukrainian pronunciation, and included a transliteration guide.  Ukrainian is largely a phonetic language, but has a few quirks that keep it from being entirely so. This guide might be useful for someone interested in the correct pronunciation of Ukrainian words, or someone trying to make out Ukrainian writing.

Keep in mind that Ukrainian, although it has strict rules about pronunciation, has no rules that I’ve been able to discern with respect to accentuation of syllables.  

On the pages that follow, I have included:

The Alphabet : a basic guide and pronunciations of the individual letters

Vowels: a more in depth discussion of the ten vowels and the sounds they make

Consonants: a more in depth discussion of the 22 consonants and their pronunciations

Soft Consonants, Apostrophes and the Soft Sign: Ukrainian language quirks

Transliteration: How Ukrainian letters are transliterated into English correctly

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Pronunciation and Transliteration