On this page are albums of pysanky which are not traditional in nature, but, rather, original creations of pysanka artisans.  They can be categorized as follows:

Hutsul: pysanky that utilize traditional motifs and divisions, but in unique, non-traditional arrangements.

Blue Pysanky: pysanky created by Hutsul pysankary but utilizing a mix of Ukrainian and ROmanian motifs and divisions, with traditional blue Romanian color schemes.

Etched Pysanky: the pysanky in this collection incorporate an etching technique which  removes a layer of shell and gives the design a three dimensional aspect.  On brown-egg pysanky this revels a layer of white.  On goose eggs it allows inscription of a white on white raised pattern.  These eggs are quite beautiful.

Trypillian: pysanky which utilize Neolithic colors and motifs.  The patterns are pottery  patterns, but have been applied to pysanky.  They are non-traditional (the first such pysanky were created by the diaspora in the 1970s), but very pretty. I’ve added photos of an ostrich egg I purchased in 2005.

Авторська Роботa: “Avtors’ska Robota,” a Ukrainian term which means that something is  the original work of an artist (not copied from another source, or a traditional pattern). These pysanky are absolutely non-traditional, and have their origins entirely in the imagination of the individual artist.  They are divided by themes into albums:  Village Life and Folk Tales,  Artistic Expression, Ukrainian Traditions. 

Icon Pysanky: someone in Ukraine has come up with a way to create small  Byzantine-style icons on pysanky.  The result is quite nice.


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