These are some interesting pysanky I found in Ukraine a few years ago. They utilize the pysanka technique to create small Byzantine-style icons on eggs.

I bought these eggs, and many others, from the “Художник” shop on Lviv’s main square.  It was a Soviet-era holdout, much beloved by artists and others, which sold all sorts of Ukrainian art, from paintings to art glass to embroidery and pysanky.  It was a great place to while away and hour or so, enjoying (for free) great examples of Ukrainian creativity. 

Sadly, that shop disappeared.  Like so much of Lviv, it was been privatized and modernized, replaced by a modern shop selling the same consumer goods as every other.  Some call this progress....... Luckily, in 2010, Художник reopened, around the corner from the original shop, in a less prominent location, but with the same paintings, handcrafts and bric-a-brac as before, but with less of the Soviet-style customer service.



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