Pysanky from the Hutsul (Carpathian) region of Ukraine not only have their own color themes and motifs, but a trick to make them sturdier and help them last longer.

Hutsul (and Carpathian area) pysanky traditionally utilize yellow, red, and green dyes, with occasional blue highlights. They are busier, and much more intricate, than pysanky from most other regions of Ukraine. 

Designs tend to incorporate animals, particularly wild mountain animals, including deer and rams, more so that other regions.  There are often birds depicted, as well as traditional Hutsul wooden churches and other religious motifs (chalices, pussy willow branches).

“Reconstructed” pysanky are created on eggs which have been reinforced to make them a bit sturdier.  This technique was originally developed to preserve pysanky at the Museum of Hutsul Folk Art in Kolomiya, but is now used by many pysankary in the area to produce pysanky for sale.




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