The pysanky on these pages are traditional designs from Volyn, copied from the pages of Zenon Elyjiw’s opus magnus, “Sixty Score of Easter Eggs” (Зенон Елиїв, «Двадцять Кіп Писанок»).  None of these pysanky have given names. Places of origin, when known, have been included; it should be noted that Elyjiw uses the old geographical designations, including the ”povit” (which was the equivalent of a raion/county in its day). Page citations include the plate/таблyця number and the egg number. 

Colors may differ slightly from the originals, as modern aniline dyes often present a different color palette from old botanical preparations. The green, in particular, is much lighter and brighter here than it may have been in the original.  Line weights are not always accurate, either–I’ve sometimes used a fine point stylus when a medium would have been more appropriate.

I’ve included multiple views when necessary to present each pysanka in its entirety.

  Zielyk        Volynian Pysanka



Зенон Елиїв

Volynian Pysanky: Zenon Elyjiw

  Zielyk        “Volynian Pysanka”

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