Volynian Pysanky: Serhiy Kulzhynsky

The pysanky on these pages are traditional designs from Volyn, copied from the illustrations of Serhiy Kulzhynsky of pysanky from the Skarzhynska collection.  These illustrations were published in a  in 1889, and have been copied and recopied since.

Several of the pysanky below were not copied from the Kulzhynsky plates themselves, as they were out of print for more than a century.  The plates and book, «Описание Коллекции Народньіх Писанок»х (Descriptions of a Collection of Folk Pysanky) were finally republished in 2010 in Kharkiv. 

During the intervening century, errors crept in, and due to poor reproduction, many pysanky that were black were mistakenly thought to be green.  I am rewriting pysanky with those errors, but, in the meantime, some are down below; I will not which ones they are.

Kulzhynsky published images of 166 Volynian pysanky, although only 46 were in color.

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