Віра Манько


The pysanky on these pages are traditional designs from the Volyn ethnographic area (including some from Rivne oblast and Zhytomyr oblast), copied from the pages of Vira Manko’s incredible “The Ukrainian Folk Pysanka” (Віра Манько, «Українська Народня Писанка»). The book is available in Ukrainian, English, German, Polish and French version.  The plates are also available separately as a folio (here and here).

This is an incredible book; not only does it include photos of 1464 different pysanky, but the text in encyclopedic–origins, history, traditions, legends, symbolism, and pysankarstvo techniques are all covered. It is one of the two most important pysanka books of modern times.  (Elyjiw’s book is the other.)

Names of the pysanky and places of origin, when known, have been included.  The numerical code refers to the table/таблиця and egg number.

I’ve included multiple views when necessary to present each pysanka in its entirety.

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Volynian Pysanky: Vira Man’ko

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