«Софійка Зєлик»


The pysanky on these pages are traditional designs from Volyn, copied from the small, out-of-print (1992) booklet of pysanky written by Sofiyka Zielyk.  The booklet was entitled «Пише Писанки Бабуня, Пише Мама, Пишу Я» (My Grandmother Writes Pysanky, My Mother Writes Pysanky, and So Do I), and featured photos of traditional pysanky, categorized by region of origin, in artistic settings.

No more detailed provenance was given for the pysanky other than that they are Volynian.  I’ve translated the names below, except for that of the fifth egg, which may have been a typographical error–the word «пільна» is not in any dictionary I’ve looked in.

I have included two views of each pysankа so as to present them in their entirety.

(Note: According to Tanya Osadca, pysanka number 5 “... is pictured in Kulzhynsky catalog /1899/ #1757 in full color on plate #XXVI,12 and is called Polnaya Roza = Full Rose /as opposed to Empty Rose/, from the village of Stanyshivka, Zhytomyr oblast.”)

  Onyshchuk        Elyjiw


Volynian Pysanky: Sofia Zielyk

  Onyshchuk        Elyjiw

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