Wax Lines


This section discusses the application of wax to an egg to create pysanky of all sorts and krapanky.  Wax removal has been moved to its own section here. While the section is under construction, several of the pages are complete and can be viewed.

Before Waxing: Preparing an egg for wax application

Stylus Selection:  Choosing the right sized tool for the job

Traditional:  Applying wax with a traditional stylus

Electric:  Applying wax with an electric stylus

Techniques:  Wax application tips and tricks

Drop-Pull:  How to apply wax to a drop-pull pysanka

Clogged Tip:  Clearing out a blocked tip in your stylus

Krapanky:  How to apply wax drops to a krapanka

Brown Eggs:  How to apply wax when writing a brown egg pysanka

Spot Removal  Correcting stray wax drops or lines.


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