Wax Removal

Microwave Oven Method


The microwave oven is a great invention, and wonderful for popping popcorn or baking potatoes. It can also be used to remove wax from pysanky.  

WARNING: This technique should only be used for EMPTIED eggs with an OPEN drain hole.  Full eggs or empty eggs which have been plugged MAY EXPLODE!

PREPARATION:  Make sure your egg has been emptied and dried out.  Double check to make sure that the drain hole is open, with no membranes or wax plug in the way.

Place the prepared eggs onto something that will catch your wax–paper plate, coffee filter, folded sheet of paper towel, silicon muffin or cake pan.  Some pysankary suggest wiping the eggs with a thin coat of olive oil, saying this will help the wax run off smoothly.

PROCEDURE:  Place the eggs and holder into the microwave.  Set to “HIGH,” and microwave for 15 seconds.  Check to see if the wax has gotten shiny and begun to melt off.  If it hasn’t, heat a bit longer, or turn over the eggs so they heat evenly (especially when heating large eggs like goose eggs). 

Remember that heating times will vary depending on the microwave, the type of eggs and the number of eggs. Finding the right baking time is a matter of trial and error, and eventually you will learn what it is for your situation, just as you did for popcorn and potatoes.

Once the wax has begun melting off, carefully remove the eggs from the microwave and wipe them off.  Remember that the eggs can get VERY HOT, so pick them up with a cloth or paper towel, not with your bare hands.

Carefully wipe away the wax with a paper towel or cloth.  If any wax remains, you can microwave them again.  If there are any small smudges of wax remaining, you can choose to remove them with Mineral Spirits or Goo Gone.

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Removing the Wax with a Microwave Oven