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There are many household and professional solvents that can be used as degreasers in pysankarstvo. Unfortunately, all of the non-flammable degreasers have been shown to be deleterious to the environment and have been taken off the market. 

Many of the remaining cleaning solutions are benzene derivatives and are toxic as well as flammable.  Others, like mineral spirits, are combustible.  The best of what’s left, in my opinion, seems to be Goof-Off, a blend of toluene and other organic solvents, but pysankary use a whole range of these solvents.  Below is a listing of solvents and their uses.

WARNING: All chemical degreasers still on the market are either flammable, highly flammable, or combustible.  Before using them, make sure all flames have been snuffed out.  And remember that “inflammable” does NOT mean non-flammable; it is a synonym for “flammable”!!!!

When choosing a solvent, read the  list of components carefully, and make sure any solution you use is not water-based.  Any significant amount of water in a solvent will cause the dyes on your pysanka to run.


Goof Off

Goo Gone

Odorless Mineral Spirits

Ronsonol (Lighter Fluid/Butane)




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Useful Chemical Solvents