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I have been playing around with dyes for years, and have come up with some nice dye combinations of my own.  I have also gotten some good suggestions from friends and books.  On this page I include some “recipes” I use.

Note that the mixtures call for dye solution, except in the case where whole packets of dye are used.

Ukrainian Red

This recipe was given to me by Vira Manko, when I asked her how she got the gorgeous reds on her pysanky. 

Mix together 1 packet each

        UGS scarlet

        UGS red

Add 1.5 to 2 cups boiling water, adn 1-2 T of vinegar.

Vira tells me that all the pysankary in Ukraine now use this combination.

Ukrainian Blue

Also from Vira Manko, although she usually mixes smaller quantities for spot dyeing.  This provides a richer, deeper blue, not the very bright blue that we are used to.

Mix together

        1 jar UGS light blue

        2 T UGS red (or red mix)


This could also be called chartreuse. 

Mix together

        1 jar UGS yellow

        2 T UGS light green

This should give you a nice very light green.  Add more green dye if needed.

Deep Pink

I found this tip in the UGS books.

Mix together

        1 jar UGS pink

        1 T UGS light blue

This should give you a nice deep pink, not a really bright one.  You may wish to start with a teaspoon of blue, and titrate up as needed.

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