It’s possible to create your own colors using standard commercial dyes.  Two guidelines to mixing dyes should be used:

  1. 1.Use dye solutions when experimenting, not the powdered dyes.  Not only are the powders toxic when inhaled, but each is a custom blends of several different dye powders.  They can settle out differently. If you take a small sample, you may get more of one constituent color than another.

  2. 2.A jar of dye can absorb small amounts of other dyes without changing its intrinsic color.  Put a drop of green dye into a jar of yellow, and it will look greenish, but it will still dye yellow.  To change a color significantly, you need to add at least a tablespoon of dye solution, and possibly several.

On the following pages I have included some dye recipes, both for large and small quantities of dye, for dipping, spot dyeing and layering. 

Tym’s Recipes:  Twenty three recipes for spot dyeing.

My Recipes:  Recipes for creating custom color combinations that I have come up with or collected from friends over the years.

EP Recipes:  Recipes for creating custom color combinations from the Yahoo Eggs-Pysanky group.

Layering:  Not recipes as such, but instructions for layering sequences.

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