In this section I have listed articles in the Ukrainian and English magazines and newspapers about pysanky and pysankarstvo.  When available, links to on-line versions of the articles are provided (click on any underlined article titles).

Ukrainian Language:

  1. 1.Атлантова, Людмила.  «Магія Української Писанки» (The Magic of the Ukrainian Pysanka)  Народне Мистецтво   2/1997: 6-8 

  2. 2.Осадца, Таня.  «Дослідники Українських Писанок» (Researchers of Ukrainian Pysanky)   Народне Мистецтво  1-2/2001: 48-51

  3. 3.Слободян, Олег.  «Спадок Олексія Соломченка» (The Heritage of Oleksiy Solomchenko)   Народне Мистецтво  1-2/2001: 52-53

  4. 4.Соломченко, Олексій.  «Писанкарство Карпатського Краю» (Pysankarstvo of the Carpathian Region)  Народне Мистецтво   2/1997: 20-22

English Language:

  1. 1.Dane, AnaThe Art of Pysanky  April 5, 2007
    A brief but reasonably accurate article abut the history and making of pysanky from the Wall Street Journal.

  2. 2.Gill, Brendan.  “Sun, Rooster, Fir”  The New Yorker  March 27, 1948: 20-21
    A brief article from “The Talk of the Town” about the Surma store in the Ukrainian village and the making and selling of pysanky.

  3. 3.Reid, Alastair.  “An Afternoon in the Ukraine”  The New Yorker May 31, 1982: 27-29
    A brief article from “The Talk of the Town” about a visit to the Surma store in the Ukrainian Village, with an emphasis on Surmach family history.

  4. 4.Stewart, Martha.  “Bewitching Halloween Eggs”  Martha Stewart Living  October, 2004
    Using pysanka techniques to create Halloween-themed eggs.  Several photos that can be used for inspiration/examples.

  5. 5.Stewart, Martha.  “Easter Eggs by the Dozen: Wax-Resist Patterns”  Martha Stewart Living  March, 2005
    Ukrainians aren’t mentioned in this article, but instructions are given for creating basic patterns with a stylus and wax.

  6. 6.Stewart, Martha.  “Ukrainian Easter Eggs”  Martha Stewart Living  March, 2008(?)
    Martha’s instructions are basic but useful.  Only minimal illustrations, though.

  7. 7.Stewart, Martha.  “Wax-Resist Dyeing”  Martha Stewart Living  April/May 1994
    Ukrainians are mentioned, but this article shows how to make very basic multi-colored eggs using wax-resist, not pysanky.

  8. 8.Tracz,  Orysia Paszczak.  “A Pysanka Mystery Almost Solved”  Ukrainian Weekly  April 27, 2008: 7
    A discussion of the (unacknowledged) influence of Zenon Elyjiw’s work on Erast Binyashevsky’s book about traditional Ukrainian pysanky.

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