Surma has been selling packaged dyes since at least the 1950s.  They produced one of the earliest booklets on pysankarstvo (by Yara Surmach) and have been selling pysachky, beeswax and other supplies from their New York location, and by mail for many years.

Surma closed its doors permanently in June of 2016.  You may still come across their dyes now and again, so I am leaving this page up.

They have a nice selection of basic dyes, and lovely packaging; their color line is



Bright Red



Light Blue


Dark Red

Dark Blue



Trypillian Brown


Surma’s colors are similar to the UGS line with two significant exceptions:

  1. 1.The orange is not vinegar-free, but does turn gelatinous when the vinegar is added.  The resulting color is much more intense, but I don’t like gelatinous dyes.

  2. 2.The Violet is breathtakingly gorgeous.  It is the most beautiful, intense purple dye I have ever used, and I’ve stocked up on this one.  The UGS Purple is very blue; this Violet is not.

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